which shock absorbers (rear)? - audi 100 sport quattro '90

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which shock absorbers (rear)? - audi 100 sport quattro '90

Beitragvon pawelec » 20.08.2010, 18:43

hello! I'm from Poland. Since 2008 i have my lovely car :D Black pearl audi 100 quattro sport with 2.3 NF engine. I need some help, because i must change REAR SHOCK ABSORBERS. This model has original -20mm suspenssion low. But here i have much problems to find original absorbers. I can buy only typical absorbers to audi 100 with typical suspenssion (not -20mm).
What would i do? What kind of absorbers can be put to this car? I dont want put normally absorber without -20mm spring.
Maybe some kind of 'billstein' can be good? Please help me ;)


Re: which shock absorbers (rear)? - audi 100 sport quattro '90

Beitragvon Mario20v » 23.08.2010, 07:58

Welcome Pawel!

I am not sure but i think its lowerd by shorter springs, so i dont think it will rise.
I have Koni yellow hat the rear axle, but everybody i asked about Bilstein they are happy with them
B8 for more than 40mm lowered vehicles and B6 for stock.

I think somebody will verify the issue.

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