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registering a 44Q Avant in Germany

BeitragVerfasst: 31.07.2015, 11:54
von 110-5E
Hello everyone,

I`m in Belgium and own an Audi 100-5E (43) and a 1990 Audi 100 Avant Quattro (165hp turbo, 44). I`m soon moving to Germany, near Bocholt for a new job and would like to take the Avant with me. At first I can probably drive with belgian registration for a while but will have to register and insure it in Germany at some point as I will completely relocate there. As it seems I`ll need a new insurance which will be quite costly as I have to start quite high in the percentage system. Now I heard there are insurances for old cars. Can anyone tell me more about it? I`d like to keep both cars if possible. Thanks in advance,


BeitragVerfasst: 02.08.2015, 13:31
von Mathias
Hi Bauke,
since your cars are already registrated and insured for years it should be possible to get a lower percentage than a beginnen. All you need is a letter from your insurance company in Belgium from when on the cars were insured in Belgium and which kind of insurance you had.
Maybe it makes sense to contact a german company for details. My sister moved to Maastricht a few years ago and she has her car insured in the Netherlands.