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Glove box

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Hi everybody, I bought my 1988 Audi 100 C3 2.2 Avant a month ago - great car, everything works well and looks good. I just struggle to find some parts for right hand drive Audi's - I'm looking for a black glove box. I still got mine but the hinges are broken and it won't stay in the position anymore and rattles around while driving. Would be great if anyone can help me out with a complete glove box or an address where I could find one.

I'm also looking for a armrest for the front which can be fixed to the right seat. I've bought one in germany to fix on the passenger seat (which is the driving seat in germany of course) just to keep me going for now. If anyone van help me there as well would be great.


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Re: Glove box

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Being an Ebayholic for parts I was browsing and never saw those items for sale.
Maybe you have better chance at the scrapyard or Audi clubs in UK.
You can also find some people that has typ44 for breaking at