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special old race car project trans axle(with torsen diff)

BeitragVerfasst: 08.02.2014, 22:58
von bmwmtechnike

My name is ruben block.
I live in Belgium.I will be honest with youre guys,I have no audi.but german cars is my live.normal summer driving is for me with a old bmw e24 six serie.
I have done research before posting here,but I have problems with the different serie numbers and type of gearboxes.
and ratios and in what car models they are.

I will explain what I want to build.I have this crazy idea to build a old bmw rear engine race car,just for fun.
I have a bmw m30(six cylinder)with 6 throttle bodies for this project.this engine have a 240mm clutch.
with research for a good gearbox for this I found that the audi 200 turbo is using a 240mm clutch to.
so I want to use the orginal bmw presure plate,with a audi 200 disc,the disc have then the correct splines like the primairy gearbox shaft of the audi 200 gearbox.
I want to use a audi 200 turbo gearbox manual,but not the quattro this engine can be my transaxle.
I have read many story about placing a torsen rear diff in a front drive gearbox.but I am not sure because I still do not understand what is what and read there are different types in ratios.

I need info a a specialist or where I can find some info to do this.

I do not know the differences between the audi 100 and 200 gearboxes.(ratios and max power)
the most important thing is that I can use a older type of gearbox(so the car looks old)(I do not want to use a new type gearbox)
and that the gearbox haves a 240mm clutch,and can hold 300ps.and that the gearbox must be good to place a torsen diff in from a rear axle.
I want to do this for hobby and not putting a lot of money a torsen will be better then nothing.I will drive the car only for fun.not racing.
I found some video of drifts with a torsen unit and it looked very good for me.

can somebody point me in the good direction before i start buying gearboxes and torsen diff that I can not use.
and I need ratio info to about the gearboxes and the torsen units.
so I can see in the gear ratio calculator what types will work the best.

when I have the correct gearbox I will build them togheter.
I will post all the pics of the project here.

thank you

best regards

ruben block

Re: special old race car project trans axle(with torsen diff

BeitragVerfasst: 10.02.2014, 22:11
von mechfreak
Forget the Torsen.Buy a non quattro Gearbox
The 4 cilinder gearboxes had 41/9 ratio.weld it shut so you have 100% lock.Happy driftin...