Any possibility to still find Burgi-chips for 1B?

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Any possibility to still find Burgi-chips for 1B?

Beitragvon jasso » 17.01.2013, 00:22

Hello all!

This forum being the former "birth place and home" of the Bürgi-made chips, I'm kindly requesting advices from you. I've been hunting Bürgi's chip for the 1B engine. I know that Bürgi hasn't been here for some years, but I'm hoping that one of the current forum members might still know something.

Anyone know where I could find a Bürgi-made chip for the 1B engine? That is the MAC12D with single knock sensor and static maps for frequency valve map control instead of lamda-loops. I've studied the insides of the MAC12 some bit and almost dare to say to know where every map is located and what the values mean in the code. But because I know that someone already has tweaked maps that are tested and proved to be really good by many, I rather not spend my time on trial and error to do the same thing again - and most likely with much worse results. The "someone" (or almost the only one when it comes to 1B) who has made it best, is for my best knowledge Bürgi.

So I would be more than happy to get only just the raw code but I'm evenly happy to find an actual chip with the code inside. Every advice, hint or just thoughts are welcome!

As an introduction, maybe couple of words about me. I'm an Audi-hobbyist from Finland and especially been sharing the love for the typ44's :) I've been an active member of Finnish Audi club and been moderating our forum for many years. I started my journey with the typ44's as an age of 5 when my father bought -85 (shares the same age with me) Audi 100 as a family car, which i kind of "inherited" and is still running and in use. I also own -89 200tq (1B) with a bit over 200tkm on the odometer and one -89 tech-swap Audi 200tq 20v Avant (originally -86 100 Avant). And one more -86 200tq with 'scottish-square' textured half-leather interior is waiting for the spare time in the carage as a new project :)

This english part of the forum seems to be a bit quieter, but I thought to first try here. My german skills are not the best and rely on most part for the google-translator, so I hope this reaches atleast some of you and I don't have to embarrass myself trying writing german to native speakers :)


Re: Any possibility to still find Burgi-chips for 1B?

Beitragvon yvma » 27.01.2013, 01:03

there s Ben Swann from gt quattro in the us , he make chip for MC motors , pehraps he s got something for the 1b

Re: Any possibility to still find Burgi-chips for 1B?

Beitragvon jasso » 28.01.2013, 16:19

Unfortunately Ben Swann seems to know only more of those "US models". He is not familiar with 1B, which was not sold in the US. I've already been in contact with him and actually bought one MAC11 chip (one knock sensor MC) from him. He was thinking that MAC11 chip fits to 1B too, but I can assure you that the codes of MAC11 and MAC12 are not directly comparable. He was thinking that in 1B the MAC11 code just skips the lambda-loop part, but it won't work like that. The MAC11 relies on lambda input where as MAC12 code has precalculated "assumption" maps of how the engine works.

His code seems just fine and most likely works great in MC enviroment, but not with 1B.

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