ECC display from C4 in typ44?

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ECC display from C4 in typ44?

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Have anyone converted to ECC panel/actuators etc from C4 to their typ44?

I want to do this conversation in my 200 20V 1990.

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Fredrik Johansson
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Re: ECC display from C4 in typ44?

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Good luck!
That's going to be A LOT of work. The system is completely different, and you'd need to change everything ,not just the display unit. The Type44 CC system is vacuum-operated, while the C4 system is actuated by electric servo motors. The cabling is loads more complex.
However, if you stil lwant to have a go at this: Get a <MY 1992 post-facelift V8 as donor car (those use the same climate control unit as in the B4/C4). That'll make this task a little less daunty as the wiring harness fits better.