KW coilover suspension for typ44

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KW coilover suspension for typ44

Beitragvon Sigar » 07.05.2009, 19:57

I have been reading this fabulous forum for years and now finally this is my first practical post :)
One of my cars is a 1988 100tq Avant (MC1) and I am looking for coilover suspension setup for it. I'd probably be interested in 2B coilover kit but that is very expensive... and gets even more expensive when all the taxes are paid. 2B is in USA and I live in Estonia - major distance, bureaucracy at customs etc.

Then I found KW variant1 inox kit. Seems almost perfect. Does not include the camber/caster plates that 2B has... But are they necessary?

I'd like to hear/learn all about coilovers on typ44: what companies sell them, how they last, etc, etc...
And specifically opinions about the prementioned KW kit!

Thank You!
Kaido (a.k.a Kaits).

Beitragvon Sigar » 09.05.2009, 09:55

So nobody uses them? I surfed through several forums and did not find much info about it, too. When I searced this forum ("gewindefahrwerke"), I got only few posts... :(
Spending 1200-1500.- euro to find out that coil program has maybe several negative aspects on a daily driven car...? This is the matter that scares me a bit. I'v never used coilovers before.

At first I planned just to lower my car. I already bought KAW 60/45 lowering springs from (thanks again, Carsten 200 20V Avant!). Did find a set of Bilstein B8 Sprints with VERY good price, but now I just am fascinated about the coilover thing! :D The adjusting feature makes the whole thing so much better and complete!

Can anybody tell me anything good or bad about KW coilovers on typ44 quattro daily driver? They are INOX and all... should last!?

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Beitragvon Mario20v » 09.05.2009, 16:30

Not all Suspension kit are INOX because some spring struts have to be send to KW for conversion and then there are only zinc coated.

High ajustable suspension sets make sense IMHO when you gonna often change the rims with different sizes or on the racetrac.

Beitragvon Sigar » 10.05.2009, 10:10

Yes, the front "wheel bearing housings" (AKTE (*Produktname ersetzt*) calls them like this. I mean the parts where shocks go into and springs lean on) need to be sent to KW where they are modified for coilovers.

I was thinking that I'd like the car to be low on summer and a bit higher on winter. We sometimes have a lot of snow here and it would be too risky to drive a very low car on snowy roads...

Beitragvon Mario20v » 11.05.2009, 20:17

Yup, therefore you have to sent the "wheel bearing housings" to KW,
but keep in mind its only zinc coated,
so if you damage the coating, you might have a rustproblem.

Beitragvon Sigar » 13.05.2009, 16:57

Decided not to use coilovers, yet. I'll try the KAW 60/45 + Bilstein B8 Sprint combo and maybe in the future go for coilovers. Btw, the best offer on KW coilovers were a bit less than 1050.- euro. Includes shiping the "wheel bearing housings" to KW.

This car needs lowering, right? 8)

Beitragvon Mario20v » 13.05.2009, 18:53

Looks like an early Allroad... :D

Beitragvon Sigar » 14.05.2009, 16:23

It's a standard 100tq Avant with 200 Exclusive rear wheel arches and 200 20V front wings (slightly modified). Also front springs have been changed to S727 springs (-20mm).
I'll do the 60/45 lowering and then post new picture.
Allroad... :) it has it's advantages, too. But since the engine has been modified, brakes and suspension need to be modified, too.

Beitragvon Mario20v » 14.05.2009, 17:17

With loweringsprings it driving can get diffcult, on damaged roads.

Beitragvon Sigar » 14.05.2009, 18:01

Yes, but then don't go there! :D
Our roads are not so bad anymore, actually. EU funds have helped to renew and built new roads to us. You would be surprised I think. Last summer I did a trip around the whole state and the roads are pretty much OK everywhere. Of course nothing beets the German Autobahns, I have been there and driven - beautiful!
And afterall - the lowering project is not permanent thing. If I will not like it, I'll change it back to normal. :)

Re: KW coilover suspension for typ44

Beitragvon Sigar » 16.07.2010, 17:23

K.A.W. 60/45 and Bilstein B8 Sprint installed:

Looks much better in real life. :)

Re: KW coilover suspension for typ44

Beitragvon Mario20v » 19.07.2010, 08:03

Nice! 8)

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