Wiring diagrams for a 4-cylinder pre-facelift frontie

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Wiring diagrams for a 4-cylinder pre-facelift frontie

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Since the last year i've looked for a interesting winter banger, and ended up buying myself a '87 pre-facelift Audi 100 sedan. 4-cylinder PH motor, paired to a 5-speed manual, FWD. Nothing interesting, really.

But there is a problem - mechanical fuel injection system(KE-Jetronic) completely ceased up on previous owner, so he just threw away any KE-related parts from engine bay, hooked up chinese electric fuel pump, switched to intake manifold from Typ 89 A80, slap some old carburetor on top of that and kept driving.

Since i've got this car, decision was made to switch for a single-point electronic fuel injection from Golf 3 (Mono-Motronic). All the hardware was bought, but now trick is to properly wire the whole thing.

I've found wiring diagrams for a '89 typ44's in German(Reparaturleitfaden Audi100, Audi200 Stromlaufpläne, Fehlersuche Elektrik und Einbauorte Modelljahr 1990 Ausgabe April 1989), which provided me all the info about factory 1.8 4B Mono-Jetronic motor, used in facelift t44's, but i'm just couldnt find similar book or any proper information about wiring on a pre-facelift 4-cylinder cars ! I've checked preview for "So wird´s gemacht" by Dr. Rüdiger Etzold, but it got same info for '89 model year, and only on 5-cylinder engines. I've also seen Haynes-Audi 100 & 200 book, that by the looks of it could contain information i need, but i've got no idea on where to check if its true or not, before the actual purchase.

Loking for help.
Thanks for your attention.